Okay, I must admit right off the bat that I've never had much fashion sense. Honestly, there's not a fashionable bone in my body. My wardrobe consists mainly of jeans, oversized cardigans, and neutral-colored flats. (What can I say?  I like to be comfortable.) Terrible am I at mixing and matching different items of clothing to create uniquely beautiful sets. Before I "go out" on a Saturday night, it usually takes me half an hour to decide what I'm going to wear, simply because I'm trying so very hard to make my ensemble appear original and cute. However, I almost always end up getting frustrated and settling for the same old thing: jeans, comfy top, flats. I just need to accept the depressing fact that fashion will never be one of my talents.

But at least I can say that I know what I like. And I pretty much gasped with girly excitement when I saw this Black Swan inspired color palette, put together by the ever-so-fashionable Elodie.
The combination of pale pink and subtle grey are right up my alley—so lovely and delicate and exactly what my chosen "style" would be if I had one. But for those of you who are more into darker colors, these other chic pieces (also inspired by Black Swan) may suit you.

Gorgeous, I say!  Which one do you like?