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Chocolate cake & lots of sunshine.

A brief photo story of my weekend:
[Megan and I shared a gigantic piece of chocolate cake at Hyde Park Bar & Grill, my new favorite restaurant in Austin.]
[My parents decided to come for a visit so that we could have our traditional Valentine's Day celebration a day early.]
[This young woman looked so peaceful on top of Mt. Bonnell.  You know me, I just had to take a picture.]

It has been a very beautiful weekend indeed.


  1. I just met Megan recently. She is fantastic. :)

    I THINK I've been to Hyde Park Bar and Grill before, but it's been AWHILE.

    Also, your family is cute. Mine doesn't really celebrate Valentine's in any way. I mean, I got candy when I was younger and maybe a stuffed animal, but no big deal.


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