The 31st of January is...

1.31.2011 favorite person's birthday!  Lance Edward Alleman -- also known as Lancey-Pancey (but only by Yours Truly) -- is none other than my very handsome, witty, and wonderful older brother.  He has always been my #1 role-model and my vivacious partner-in-crime.  Seriously, I don't know what I'd do without this guy.  And guess what, ladies...  He's single!  (Just thought I'd throw that in there.) 
Happy 27th birthday, old man!


  1. Trying to marry him off Emily? lol

  2. I'm married but I must say... your brother is hot!

  3. haha, he'll be flattered that you think so! (but hopefully not too flattered -- we don't want him getting a big head.)