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A few resolutions.


In no particular order:
1.  Get out more — make new friends, meet up with old friends, attend a college party, join a club, go on a date (or two), see a play, plan a shopping trip, get lost and learn my way around Austin, etc.
2.  Study, study, study — aim to make higher than a 3.5 GPA this semester, get accepted into the UT Communications school, and learn for the sake of learning.
3.  Limit the number of naps I take each week.
4.  Get in shape — train for a 5K, and eventually a 10K.
5.  Complete Project 365 — in hopes of becoming a more experienced photographer (and because it seems like fun).
6.  Finish watching all ten seasons of Smallville — only five more to go!
7.  Incorporate Scripture into my everyday prayer life.
8.  Complain less, appreciate more — because nobody likes a whiner.

But most of all, using the words of Jason Alleman, I vow to be my true and authentic self in everything that I do.


  1. Those are fabulous resolutions.I bet you will accomplish them all!

  2. You're trying to get into the Comm school? No more English? What are you going for? :)

    Also, these all sound excellent. :)

  3. i'm actually going to try to double major in english and photo journalism. :) don't worry -- i'm not giving up my love for literature.


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