is now at the top of the list of my favorite weekends so far this semester. Due to the fact that Friday was our last day of classes (hallelujah!), I didn't have any studying or homework to complete for this week! And therefore, I felt an uncommon sense of freedom and a strong urge to get away from campus and do something fun. Can you believe it? I actually wanted to be social. Weird, right? (Only kidding! ...Well, sort of.) 

On Friday night, Taylor was playing a gig at The Coffee Pot in San Marcos (probably the coolest coffee shop I've ever been to), and a lot of old friends from Tomball showed up. It was really nice to just relax with a cup of coffee, listen to great music, and catch up with people that I haven't seen in ages. 

Saturday consisted of sleeping in late, forcing myself to visit the gym for a cardio session (which was surprisingly refreshing), and accompanying Megan to see three UT plays, one of which she wrote herself! Following the performances, we headed to her apartment for a late-night chat with her lovely friend, Mary. The next evening, I joined the rest of the Schoenstatt women at the Advent Dinner in the hill country, where we celebrated Mass in their little chapel, engaged in plenty of interesting conversation, took tons of awkward Christmas photos, and stuffed our faces with pasta and yummy desserts. 

Afterwards, to end my glorious weekend, I went with a few of the girls from Advent Dinner to see the new movie Tangled, which was absolutely wonderful, to say the least. All in all, I had an amazing couple of days.

But unfortunately, my first final is in six days. It's about time I hit the books.