Tall buildings. A movie in the park. Barnes & Noble. The Houston Zoo. A novel about werewolves. 70 degree weather on the first day of winter. Chicken and sausage gumbo. An Inception party. Pumpkin pie. Running a mile for the first time in months. Good conversation among siblings. A dirty chai with soy milk. Eyelash wishes. Panini makers and wine carriers. A game of bowling. Daily mass and reconciliation. The trio reunion. A Thomas Kinkade Christmas clock. The Woodlands Mall. Soft slippery socks. A downtown farmers' market. Meeting my baby cousin. Traffic-free highways. Panera Bread. Christmas carols on repeat. Constant picture-taking. Nerdy board games. Making fun of Miley Cyrus's acting in The Last Song. A lunar eclipse on a cloudy night. Sugar cookies and multi-colored frosting. An ice skating rink. Cologne-sniffing at Sephora. A beautiful Catholic wedding. Laughter at 4:00am. Humming along to the music in Burlesque. Red velvet cake balls. Numerous road trips. A black sequined dress. Waiting for a sign. A cranky old man wearing a Santa hat. Back massages that tickle. Egg nog after dinner. A very hilarious uncle. Peppermint sticks. The anticipation of our Savior's birth.

...and so much more to come.

Photo by Aurélien Lemasson-Théobald.