After a whole two weeks of indescribable anguish (not really) without my pocket-sized digital camera, I've finally retrieved it from my dear friend, Megan, who's had my most prized possession since October 31st, when I accidentally left it at her apartment.  How could I have been so irresponsible...?  Lord knows I don't go anywhere without that handy dandy little camera, if I can help it.  (All of the Halloween excitement must have gotten to me.)  But alas, my *pictures of the wonderful night have been uploaded and are ready to be shared!
[Because of my terrible tendency to procrastinate, this "costume" was put together in less than thirty minutes.  I was going for a Modern-Day Cleopatra.]
[Megan dressed up as a Valentine's Day Card.  Haha.]
[Our Halloween dinner consisted of whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce, eyeball pancakes, and...]
[ very own surprise birthday cake!]

Needless to say, we had tons of fun.  But good golly, am I ready for Thanksgiving Break!

*Sorry about the grainy quality of the photos.  This camera is getting old, and it looks like I might need a replacement soon.  (Hooray for Christmas lists!)