You know, it's probably a good thing that I've been such a couch potato for the past few weeks, because the weeks to follow are sure to be utter chaos for this family. Did I ever mention that my parents are moving to Houston only a few weeks after I move to Austin? Well, they are. Craaaazy. 

August 11th - 12th
+ apartment hunting in downtown Houston (for the 50th time)
+ make final decision on what will be my parents' future home for the next 3+ years
+ pack up a load of furniture to take to Louisiana (for sale to our relatives)

August 13th - 15th
+ spend my last weekend in Rayne before I head off to Austin
+ and while we're off reminiscing with loved ones, our house in Tomball will be undergoing inspection by its new owners

August 16th
+ begin packing for college

August 20th
+ leave for Austin in the morning and arrive at my dorm by noon
+ unpack all of my stuff and try my best to make my room look somewhat cozy

August 20th - 22nd
+ spend my last weekend with my parents in the beautiful city that I will eventually learn to call home

September 3rd - 5th
+ my parents move out of our house (of seventeen years) and into the Houston apartment that they will eventually learn to call home

Whew! The next month is sure to be crazy, wonderful, stressful, refreshing, and all around bittersweet. Before this summer, I never would have been emotionally prepared to deal with all of the changes that are occurring within the next few weeks, but I feel surprisingly relieved to know that my days in this small town are numbered. I think that my we're all excited to move on and embrace our new lives in big cities. But we could always use extra prayers!

Photo by Veronica TM.