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In loving memory of Kaki Lulu Alleman.

My dog, Kaki, passed away on Friday.  He was eleven years old and had been a constant companion of mine since early childhood.  Even though I didn't appreciate the constant barking, his tendency to lick everything in sight, or the little presents he sometimes left throughout the house, I can't say that I won't terribly miss the furry fellow.  We definitely had some good times with Kaki, and I feel that without him, our family is incomplete.  I'm just so thankful that I had the chance to say goodbye before I left for college.  Hopefully, he is in doggie Heaven right now, bathing in the sun and feasting on beggin' strips.

***I apologize for the semi-depressing posts on my blog lately.  You can count on happy thoughts and uplifting words to come.


  1. What??? I loved Kaki! He was one of the funniest dogs I've known. :(


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