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Girly and graceful.

[My teeny little ponytail.]

I love having short hair, but one thing I really miss about my old style is being able to easily throw it up into a ponytail. I just think that there is something so classically beautiful about girls wearing their long tresses tied back with a ribbon.


  1. Hey, just thought I'd say hey to a fellow Longhorn. I was there for two years in the late 90's (=old). I am Natthefatrat's hubby and clicked to your blog cause I saw you joined hers. Anyway, UT is great. Have lots of fun (there's a lot of that there) but don't forget to go to class. It's a must! (I learned the hard way.) Good luck with the new school year!

  2. I've never been able to pull off short hair (my face is too round) but it looks GREAT on you. And so does the little mini-ponytail.


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