As much as I enjoy the freedom of summer, it's always been much harder for me to get motivated during the warmer months. School and theatre no longer control my schedule, hobbies get old after a while, and friends are either in faraway places are simply tired of my company (kind of sad, if you ask me). Therefore, I sit on my butt and proceed to watch endless Smallville reruns while I surf the web or flip through a magazine. Occasionally, I'll go to the gym or spend the day shopping with my madre. That's about it.

A month ago, I couldn't wait to do absolutely nothing. I was tired of projects and plays and traveling. I wanted to stay home and relax. Getting a job wasn't on my mind because I figured my lack of availability (UT orientation, trip to Nebraska, Caribbean cruise, family vacation, etc.) would make me the least reliable employee. Well, relaxation is all fine and good until it turns into utter indolence. For the past two weeks, I have been nothing but lazy. I'm stuck in a rut, dear blog, and I haven't the least idea how to redeem myself. For the first time in what seems like ages, I have too much time on my hands. And I'll be honest, not too much of that time is being spent wisely.

So tell me, what is a girl to do? Should I start a new hobby like sewing or baking? Volunteer at an old folks' home? Get a head start on college preparations? All of these things sound wonderful in theory, but my lack of inspiration is weighing me down. Take this blog for example. Today's post is the first one I've written in almost a week! Why? Because believe it or not, I'm tired. It is the strangest thing that doing nothing for so long can be exhausting. And this kind of exhaustion is among the worst kinds—it is like a disease, becoming harder to cure as the days go by.

But I am determined to put an end to this deadly routine. I've had my fair share of downtime, and I'm more than ready to busy myself with something good and worthy. Something that I can respect. Now, the first thing I must do is figure out what that something might be...

Suggestions, anyone?