I'm finding it very hard to believe that my senior prom is over and done with, after all of the hours spent hunting for the perfect dress, forming our gigantic group, and scoping out a reasonably priced beach house.  Well, to be honest, I didn't do much of the planning (thank you, Shelby!), but I do remember how long ago that it all began...  And, once again, I'm surprised by how quickly the time flew by.

Here is a brief picture summary of my wonderful weekend:
[Curly hair!]
[This is my handsome date and long-time friend, Scott.]
[My second family:  Marissa, Matthew, and Kristen.]
[We had quite a large group with 22 people.]
[The limo was sweet!]
[Scott was a little bit cranky at Project Prom, and I was a little bit delirious.  Can you blame us?  It was way past midnight.]
[On Sunday, we drove to Galveston and spent the next two days lying on the beach.  Doesn't Maria look adorable in her polka dot swimsuit?]
[We're a bunch of lazy bums.]
[Shebs and I on our late night walk on the beach.]

Like I said, the weekend was so much fun!  And apart from a killer sunburn, nothing negative came out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience.  I am extremely thankful for that.