After about 15 hours of straight driving (just getting through the state of Texas took more than half of that time), Dad and I finally stopped at a Holiday Inn last night in Salida, CO. I have to say, the first 6 or 7 hours were a breeze, but by mid-afternoon, my lower body was numb from all of the sitting. Lucky for me, the breathtaking scenery was enough to distract me from the tingling sensation in my feet.

Right now, I am typing this blog at a computer desk in our little hotel room and drinking a hot cup of Joe while Dad is out running some errands to prepare for today's journey. He's actually supposed to be picking up a list of available lots so that we can visit them today and weigh our options. I'm excited to see what he has in mind for our future mountain home/vacation spot! After we explore a little bit around here, the plan is to make our way up to Poncha Springs and maybe find an (inexpensive) cabin to rest our heads for the night. 

So there's a little update of our trip, for anyone who's interested. To be honest, it's kind of weird being so far away from home right now, only a few days after finishing high school for good. It almost seems like there is nothing holding me back; no attachments, no obligations, no commitments of any sort. Of course, this isn't true. I still have graduation, college orientation, and a theatre convention to attend all within the next month. And knowing myself, in a few days, I'll be dying to be back home with my friends and family. But as I sit here, looking out the window at the beautiful snow-covered mountains, I can't help but wish that time would stop, so that I might never have to leave this magical place. As my dad said yesterday in the final hour of our drive, this mountain paradise is God's home.