I am ecstatic to announce that today was my last day of high school.  Ever.  No more crowded hallways, demanding teachers, or pointless classes (Communication Applications?) to rain on my parade.  Whew!  I think that this newfound freedom calls for celebration.  Or a vacation, perhaps...?

Well, it just so happens, my daddy is taking me on a roadtrip to Colorado that will begin at 6:00 tomorrow morning.  It's not so much of a vacation as it is a search for available property (he's looking to buy land up there), but I think a few days spent on the road with my wonderful father will be quite relaxing.  Just give me a good book, my iPod, and a comfy pillow, and I'm all set!  Dad's even bringing his laptop, so I might take the time to write a blog or two while I'm riding through the beautiful mountains of CO.  But if not, here's to a safe and lovely trip!