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Getting closer.

Exactly ONE MONTH until I graduate! (Are you getting tired of these countdown posts yet?)

Here is my big to-do list for the next thirty days:
- Night of Scenes (May 8th)
- DC Statistics exam (May 11th)
- AP Economics exam (May 13th)
- Tomball STAGE Scholarship interviews (May 13th)
- prom weekend (May 15th)
- top 10% breakfast at school (May 19th)
- senior awards ceremony (May 20th)
- theatre banquet (May 21st)
- senior slide show (June 1st)
- graduation rehearsal (June 2nd)
- GRADUATION (June 5th)

I can honestly say, even as nostalgic of a person as I am, I'm really ready to be finished.  Unfortunately, the list doesn't include all of the "little" things I have to do before these events, because there are a TON.  But I'm sure everything will work itself out.  It always does.


  1. I have a list a lot like that... except less fun. I can't wait to be finished with this semester!! Good luck!

    PS My giveaway ends tonight! Come check it out ; )


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