I've been reading so many posts by a few of my favorite bloggers (Michelle, Olivia, Natalie) that have to do with cooking/baking delicious foods of all kinds. And, let me tell you, the growing desire to grab an apron and start making something of my own has become quite overwhelming. 

But I have a tiny confession to make: I've never cooked anything in my life. Well, unless you count grilled cheese.

And I'm a tad bit ashamed. I mean, here I am, just about ready to leave the nest and embark on womanhood, and I still have yet to learn how to make something as simple as pasta! Which is ridiculous, if you ask me, considering that my mom (poor heart) has tried again and again to teach me the ways of the kitchen... But what can I say? It's just never been my thing.

However, that is going to change. I solemnly swear that I will learn to cook, even if it is the last thing I do. God, help us all.