Gammy (my dad's mom) recently sent me an old photograph of my great-grandmother, Emilia Alleman, the wonderful woman who I was named after. She passed away when I was young, but I remember sitting on her lap during Christmastime and visiting her at the nursing home whenever we could. My cousins and I all refer to her as Mom-mom, because she was the mother that created our big three-generation family, beginning with my Pappy (my dad's dad).

Mom-mom absolutely adored spending time with ALL of her children, and I don't ever remember seeing her without a smile on her face. I miss her very much, and I just wish that I would have gotten to know her better before she passed away.

I've been told tons of stories about my great-grandparents, some happy and some sad, but all fascinating. From what I've heard, Emilia had a very hard life, but it is clear that she was a beautiful woman of God who loved her family with all of her heart. I have no doubt that they are with the Lord in Heaven right now, looking down at their babies, happy as can be. I only hope I will get to see both Mom-mom and Pop-pop again someday, so that they themselves might share with me their incredible life stories.