Three-day weekends are so much better than two.

It's amazing how much more I can do when I have one extra day to stay home (Martin Luthor King, Jr. Day is Monday!). I can take that precious time to edit pictures, memorize my lines for theatre, and even catch up on some (unnecessary) homework. I may actually decide to be productive before Tuesday rolls around. And, bonus: I made myself wake up early on Saturday morning to visit one of my least favorite places, the gym. I really hate exercising. Isn't that terrible? I'm just always so busy or tired to work out during the weekdays, and my excuse during the weekends is that I deserve to relax. Lame, right? But I forced myself this time to stop being lazy, and I'm very glad that I did. Especially since last night was my best friend's 18th birthday celebration, and a group of us went to a very nice restaurant (with very sinful indulgences). I ordered a pasta dish, and yes, I ate the whole thing. It was fantastic.

Right now, I'm sitting upstairs in my pajamas as I type this, and contemplating what to do next. I could do my homework, but that's what tomorrow is for. Hmm...maybe I will continue reading The Shack? Watch an episode of Gilmore Girls? Edit the photographs from last night? So many choices. This freedom is beautiful.

Oh! I almost forgot! I saw The Lovely Bones on Friday, just like I said I would. And let me tell you, it was brilliant. The movie definitely did the book justice, and that is pretty rare. I loved it so much that I can't wait to see it again! If you've seen it, I'd love to know your opinion... Apparently, the critics didn't think it was so great. But what do they know?