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Snow day!

The most exciting thing happened on Friday...  It started snowing in Tomball, TX.  Like, actual snow.  And tons of it.  Okay, not tons.  It pretty much melted the moment it touched the ground.  But when I was walking out to my car after school, it sure felt like a lot of snow was hitting my face and getting caught in my eyelashes.  It was the most I've ever seen here, and it was magical!  Having a snow day made me wish that I lived up north where it snows all winter long.


  1. hey cute blog! snow sounds fantastic- we got frost over here in california (in the south bay, where is NEVER snows) so that was sort of a big deal.. hahaha. a white christmas sounds lovely (:

  2. Aw, that happened to me, too! Fake snow, ARG>


  3. Cute blog. It's fun to find other chicks on here that aren't over 20. :)


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