Memorable moments throughout my year:

[To bring in the new year, we watched a fireworks show and drank sparkling grape juice at Kristen's Christmas tree farm.]

[There's nothing like a good ol' kiss on the cheek to celebrate Valentine's Day.]

[Over Spring Break, my parents took me to San Antonio to visit a few prospective college choices of mine.  I finally convinced them to take me shopping while we were there.]

[I was confirmed in the Catholic Church with my sponsor, also known as my brother, right by my side.]

[The Tomball STAGE banquet theme was Casino Royale, and it was a complete success, if I do say so myself.]

[I went on a theatre trip to New York the first week of summer.  Boy, do I miss that amazing city.]

[But I have to say that my favorite trip was the one I took to Gulf Shores with my family and two best friends.]

[A month later, I traveled to the beach a little closer to home -- Galveston -- for the Tomball STAGE officer retreat.]

[A Piece of My Heart was performed for the first time in our high school auditorium.  Who would have thought the show would still be part of our lives nine months later?]

[Even though I wasn't exactly thrilled about Homecoming this year, it turned out to be a blast!]

[I was chosen at Student of the Month, alongside Tanner Jones, at my high school.  Kind of lame, but I guess it's note-worthy.]

[I enjoyed my first "snow storm" in Tomball.  It didn't last long, but it made my December.]

The past year has been pretty magnificent, but I'm excited to see what 2010 will bring.  In less than six months, I will be graduating from high school and getting ready to leave for college.  Who knows what surprises life might throw my way?  But I'm going to be ready for it. 

Cheers to an upcoming year of exciting opportunities, unforgettable experiences, and new beginnings!