I can't believe how quickly October flew by!  Especially the last week...  First came Homecoming on the 24th, then the church bazaar on the 25th, my birthday on the 28th, and finally Halloween!  Here is a glimpse of the four events that made my October a blast.

[We had a good-sized Homecoming group this year.]
[Me with Kristen and Marissa. Don't they look stunning?]
[Me, Kameron, and Shelby. Kind of blurry, but I like this picture. We all look so happy!]
[Kameron and Billy: the cutest lovebirds ever.]
[Me and Audge at the after-party. She was the perfect date.]
[Matthew, John, Katie, and Chris on the hay-ride to Kristen's farm.]

St. Anne's Bazaar:
[My family cooks/runs the gumbo stand.]

My 18th Birthday:
[Katie, Kameron, and Terrence at Starbucks before school.]
[My small birthday gathering.]
[My mom made this delicious pumpkin cake for dessert!]
[We finally settled down to watch Practical Magic.  As you can see, Kristen and Kirby were ecstatic.]

[I dressed up as Mother Nature.]
[A professor and his schoolgirl.]
[Kyle was none other than...Edward Cullen!]
[It wouldn't be a party without Thing 1 and Thing 2.]

Goodbye, October.  Hello, sweet November.