Fun fact about me: I have an obsession with baby names. I love researching the meanings of random names, and my friends like to tease me about my favorites—I find that unique names are the ones that fascinate me the most (probably because I was given the most common name on the planet). 

I've been in love with the name Isabelle for a while (which means "God's promise"), but my new favorite is something a little more unique...

What do you think about Winter Rose

Rose would be her middle name, so she would just go by Winter. It's not your typical name, but I figure if Summer and Autumn can be names, why can't Winter? And as for the middle name, I've always loved the simple yet classic Rose. However, my friends seem to think that when put together, it sounds more like a noun than a name. Personally, I don't see the problem with that, especially when the name paints a picture like this in my mind.

Delicate, lovely, romantic, and somewhat wistful. I like it.