If there is an adjective that I hate more than all of the rest, it's mediocre. But I'm sad to say that in the last few weeks, I've grown dangerously close to becoming just that in every aspect of my life. Maybe it's the senioritis beginning to creep in, but I can feel myself slipping more and more each day... Losing focus in school, slacking in Footloose rehearsals, eating too much junk that leaves me feeling sick, and worst of all, forgetting to love those around me.

Unfortunately, this happens every once in a while. I get tired of all of the stress of everyday life, lose my motivation for stuff that matters, and resort to settling for much less than I'm capable of. I become someone who goes through the motions without ever stopping to smell the roses.

Boring, cranky, lifeless. I need an emergency pick-me-up.