Beautiful October. Ah, just thinking about it makes me smile. Why do I like this month so much, you might ask? I could name at least fifty different reasons why October is so amazing (the lovely fall weather, for one), but for the sake of time, I'll give you only the most important: October is wonderful because it sets in motion the giant ripple of holidays that encourage feelings of excitement and togetherness among family and friends... And, bonus: It begins with my absolute favorite, All Hollows' Eve!

October 1st is day one of this spooky season. And with it comes exciting ghost stories, pumpkin-carving parties, and ridiculously cool costumes. Next is the season of thanks, which includes spending large amounts of time with family, praising God for everything He's given us, and stuffing our faces with TONS of delicious food (my favorite is the pumpkin pie). And then there's Christmas, the season to be jolly! I shouldn't even have to elaborate on this particular holiday. I mean, come on, who doesn't love Christmas?

Obviously, these three holiday seasons occur throughout the months of October, November, and December. But October is the month that starts is all! Once October hits, everything is uphill from there. And THAT is just one reason why my birth month is incredible. Here's to the beginning of holiday bliss.

Photo of my 6th grade Halloween party.