Today I had auditions for the first production of the school year, A Piece of My Heart. I read twice for the directors, and the second time was pretty terrible. I won't go into detail, but everything about it was just...awkward. The emotion was there, I suppose, but physically, it was a disaster.

Or at least, that's how I remember it. And isn't that the worst feeling? Walking out of an audition wishing that you would have done something differently, or thinking that it could be so much better, if only you had another chance... I guess that's just how life goes sometimes. But you just have to accept the past and move on, in hopes that the next time will be less disappointing.

So here's to forgetting past mistakes, disappointments, and failures. Tomorrow is callbacks, and I vow to not let the possibility of embarrassing myself keep me from giving it my all. Tomorrow, the fear of failing goes out the window.