I have so much to do, and in so little time. Oh, how I take for granted those long, lazy days of summer (see above)... But I do have a feeling that this year will be tons of fun, especially with the new Tomball STAGE production up and running (I got one of the six lead roles!), the very interesting classes I'm taking (see below), and everything else senior year has to offer. Even being given the title "senior" is refreshing. You really don't know how good that is until you've hit 12th grade, after three long years of struggling to make it to the top.

So, yes, all is well. But all is extremely busy! Which leads me to ask the question: Why am I blogging when I should be doing homework, memorizing lines, or writing college essays?

Fall Semester Schedule

1. Dual Credit English (Mr. Youngblood) — This is my favorite class, simply because I'm in love with English. And Mr. Youngblood. In a non-creepy/disgusting way, of course.

2. DC Statistics (Mr. Prather) — Now, math is not exactly my idea of fun, but it has always come somewhat easy for me. And I can already tell this class is going to be a breeze. Plus, three of my best friends sit right next to me. No complaints there.

3. DC Anatomy (Ms. Peel) — Science, on the other hand, has never been my forte. Quite frankly, I suck at it. Always have, always will. And that includes the vast majority of sciences, ranging from chemistry to biology to physics. It hates me. But fortunately for me, I have a very sweet teacher and, once again, three best friends surrounding me. Therefore, it shouldn't be hell. But, we do have to disect a cat at the end of the year, and that's just gross.

4. DC Government (Ms. Temperilli, aka The Beast) — Okay, so she's not that bad. Not really, anyway. But she does expect A LOT out of her students! I can already tell that this will be the one class that I will have to work extra hard in. Not only will we have to take forty million pages of notes every week, but there will also be forty million quizzes as well. Hard quizzes. Bottom line: government is not my cup of tea.

5. Theatre Arts 1 (Mr. Ballew) — I'm basically only in this class to be an aide for the theatre teachers. I make copies, organize student papers, work on my specific officer duties (I'm Secretary of Tomball STAGE), and occasionally bring Mr. Ballew a Diet Dr. Pepper. That's about it. A piece of cake.

6. Varsity Production Theatre Arts (Mr. Cottom) — This is my real theatre class, the one that I actually have to put effort into. Pretty much all of my best friends are with me in here, so it's one big party. Except when we're working on scenes, monologues, play-talks, etc. Anyway, it's challenging at times, but in a good way. Mr. Cottom can be pretty cool too, when he's in a good mood.

7. Pre-AP French 2 (Ms. Ratz) — Probably my least favorite class. Why? Because the teacher does not teach. Seriously, she should just do us all a favor and quit. Harsh, but true. I didn't learn a thing in French 1 last year, but I'm required to take at least two years of foreign language. And because I chose to start late, I'm in a class full of sophomores. Lucky me.

But overall, a good schedule.