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I'm a busy bee.

i'm a busy bee
Wow, it's been a while since I've last written. Maybe that's because college applications are consuming my life. Or it could be that I'm just lazy. Either way, I thought it was about time I wrote a new entry.

This weekend has been complete bliss. My best friend, Kristen, spent the weekend with me because her parents were out of town, and we've had a very relaxing past two days...
+ On Friday, we went to the Jonas Brothers concert in Houston with two other friends and got lost on the way. Scary!
+ We saw The Time Traveler's Wife and loved it. But it definitely requires tissues.
+ Last night, we took a walk after dinner (my daddy's barbecue hamburgers) and discussed future plans. Plans involving college, traveling, and where we would like to be 20 years from now. We're deep thinkers, you know.
+ And then, we both got Dairy Queen blizzards (mine was the new Tagalong one; she got the Chocolate Xtreme) and settled on the couch to watch movies.
+ Finally, this morning, I made us chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. 

So, technically, we did do something. Just not something productive. But productivity can wait until Monday.


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